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Thank God I Can’t Use Tools

April 6th, 2014
By Eric Letendre

True story.

In high school my grades were so bad I was put into a trade school. One year later I was back in regular school because I was terrible with any tool placed in my hand.

Fast forward a few years after high school and I took a job changing oil because I had no skills and needed cash – fast!

Couple of days later I’m under a car draining the oil and noticed that it seemed very clean. I filled the engine with new oil and jumped in the car to drive it off the lift.

The car wouldn’t go in gear. I tried harder and harder to get the stupid car in gear as the owner watched with a more and more annoyed look.

That’s when the guy I worked with figured out that I had drained the transmission fluid and not the oil.

When it happened, it felt like the worst day of my life. I was embarrassed and felt like a complete chump. Not to mention I was out of a job again.

BUT – a few days later I got another job and this time I was working with dogs, and this my friend was like introducing a duck to water.

A job I probably would have never gotten if I wasn’t a complete bonehead with a wrench in my hand.

Dogs and I were meant to be together and it started a long, satisfying career working with dogs.

Sometimes when it seems like life is handing you an excrement sandwich, it really does turn out to be the best thing that can happen to you.

Yesterday I talked to a very nice lady that was crushed that she had to find her dog a new home. It was very sad and I really felt for her, but I tried to explain to her that not every dog is meant for every owner and sometimes it is best for the dog and human to part ways.

I know this flies in the face of what many of the “experts” say, but I did convince her that she will find the right dog and they’ll both be happy.

I checked with the new family that her dog went to and so far so good. We’ll see, but I have a feeling that I’m right about this.

Anyway, if you’re struggling with your dog right now, keep positive and keep moving forward and remember that if I knew how to use a wrench there may have been (gasp!) no Amazing Dog Training Man. .

All the best


How Bob Costas Can Help You With Your Dog?

February 11th, 2014
By Eric Letendre

Pop quiz:

What gets more searches on Google?

a) Sochi Olympics
b) Valentines Day
c) An eyeball
d) The Walking Dead

What’s your answer?

Did you choose Sochi? The Walking Dead?


Right now, Bob Costa’s eyeball is getting more searches than any of the above.

Bob has an eye infection and on Feb10 it was the number one trending topic on Google.

Interesting how this is getting so much attention AND this story is good to remember when it comes to your dog.


Because many of the behavior problems that we see with dogs are rooted in a physical problem. I heard Bob got a little testy about all the attention his eye was getting and this is understandable because it is probably uncomfortable.

A dog that is suffering from a physical problem will develop behavior problems and NO amount of behavior work will overcome it.

A dog that has hip problems, digestive issues, a sore tooth or whatever will be grouchy and could become aggressive.

So whenever I have worked with dogs that have behavior problems, the first step is to rule out any physical problems by seeing your vet.

The next step is to work on the behaviors and one of the best places to do this is right over at the brand new Good K9 Manners Program.

Good K9 Manners Program

Because I love you and your dog so much, I am offering it half off until 12 midnight, Friday. Use the coupon code LOVE to get your discount.

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Terminator Teaches Me “The Spark”

February 5th, 2014
By Eric Letendre

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one interesting dude.

Regardless of how you feel about him, he has accomplished some amazing things.

World champion bodybuilder, big screen actor, successful businessman, Governor of California, there is no question about it, he knows a few things.

I recently read an article he wrote called, “The Spark.”

In it he describes how you can’t wait for motivation, that you need to go find it.

And chances are, if you don’t find the motivation it will probably eventually find you in a form that you won’t like.

He talks about the person who doesn’t take care of himself and ends up in a hospital room promising himself and everyone else that changes are now going to happen.

Also known as, “The Spark.”

I’ve seen this with dogs many, many times. The owners keeps saying they are going to start training. They are going to teach their dogs to stop jumping, to come when called, to walk on leash, to deal with the growling around the food dish.

Many times this is just talk until “The Spark” rears its head.

The dog doesn’t learn to come when called and gets hit by a car, the dog jumps and knocks someone over injuring them, the dog pulls on leash and drags the person down the road or the dog bites someone too close to the food dish.

“The Spark” will result in some type of action.

The dog may be brought to a shelter, a new home, euthanized, injured, etc.

Or you can take this email as “The Spark” and start training your dog today. Training really only requires a few minutes a day.

Here are some resources to help you:

Amazing Dog Training Man’s YouTube Channel
Amazing Dog Training Man’s Facebook Page

Dog Training Inner Circle

All the best,


Better Call Saul

February 5th, 2014
By Eric Letendre

Remember Saul Goodman?

The sleazy layer from the show, “Breaking Bad.”

Great show, great character. I hear they are making a spin off using this character.

We’ll see.

Anyway, there is one great scene with Saul and the main character, Walter White. It went like this:

Walter White: How did everything get so screwed up?
Saul Goodman: Yeah, you do seem to have a little “s#!+ creek” action going.
Saul Goodman: You know, FYI, you can buy a paddle.

Probably his best quote and often reminds me of when I am talking to some dog owners.

I get calls from people and they spend 20 minutes telling me all their problems with their dog. Usually it is a dog under a year old.

The owner had visions of a great family dog and they now have a holy terror on their hands and have no idea what to do.

Or, everything they do seems to get worse. They can’t understand how their little bundle of joy that the entire family went crazy over is now the center of a negative vortex living under their roof, destroying furniture, pooping on the carpets and stealing every morsel of food it can off the dinner table.

Dog owner: “How did everything get so screwed up?”

Happens all the time. One of the biggest problems is that dog training can be so confusing. It seems like everyone has a different opinion.

Dog training really consists of following a few steps:

1. Establish leadership.
2. Learn how to manage behavior.
3. Use and apply the M.U.T.T. Method.
4. Exercise.
5. Use positive reinforcement to teach.
6. Learn how to use and apply positive and negative consequences for changing behavior.

Follow these steps and it will be, “S’all good man!”

For the “how to’s” of learning all of the steps, check out The Dog Training Inner Circle – where I show you how to train your dog fast… and in a way that’s FUN. It’s the best way for you to learn and get results.

More info at:

Dog Training Inner Circle



This Routine Will Make You Happy If You Have A Reactive Dog

January 16th, 2014
By Eric Letendre

Amazing to think Scarlett is going to be one this month.

There is one thing she really does not like and that is getting placed on the changing table. She hates it. She starts crying, thrashing and I really dread the thought of changing her diaper.

So a few weeks back I was thinking. “Wait a minute. I am a highly skilled dog behavior specialist. I help change dogs’ negative behaviors into more positive ones. Maybe I can help change this.”

Years ago I learned a routine from a trainer to deal with reactive dogs. Some dogs go bananas when they see another dog. The “Jolly Routine” is used to help the dog overcome this problem.

I decided to do this with Scarlett.

The second I put her on the table I immediately started to tickle her. I kept doing this and then put my hand over her eyes to play peek a boo (her all-time favorite game.)

Lo and behold, the changing table is no longer a struggle.

You can do the same with your dog. The Jolly Routine was taught to me by William Campbell, a behaviorist who wrote the classic book, “Behavior Problems in Dogs.”

The Jolly Routine works by trying to change the dog’s feelings and thoughts from negative to positive when they see another dog.

To do this successfully you have to have crackerjack timing and the help of another dog and handler.

Done right you can change your dog’s behavior from reactive when they see a dog to calm, manageable behavior.

It’s all in the technique.

Speaking of technique, everything you need to know and more is waiting for you at The Dog Training Inner Circle. Articles, videos, courses and a forum to ask me your dog training and behavior questions.

Here’s where to go NEXT:

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