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  1. Wow they Stole the Show Exsuce Me Lol .
    Gino What!!!! Kendall Jenner YASS!! fellas
    Adriana lima wow
    Miranda Kerr
    Roden Holland as KATARINA ALVES TEKKEN 7 (Wild Kratts Series)
    Skarlet Klaw as (KDA) ALL OUT) Mia (Pixar) (Asepa)
    Baylor no Way Jose haha fluffy fizzy
    Liam Hemsworth & Yuijn
    Emilia Clarke Yes!! Fellas!!! 100% dog name i buster Moon Clarke Yes!!
    ohh they stole the show!!!
    Scott Eastwood & Gemma Lin Lee
    Demi Lovato YASS!!!! Batman Lovato YASS!!! Hehehe wow.
    Grace , Magic, Delighted, exactly
    Wait a minute Justin Bieber & MIREI TOUYAMA as Lady Mary & Dante


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